who are we

Ports Recruitment Office We work with the Ministry of Labor's authorization No. 3901672. We are working to attract and recruit skilled human cadres with expertise and high efficiency that correspond to the needs of customers and with the culture, traditions and privacy of the Saudi society.

Our vision

Providing the community with the best manpower human resources, according to professional and ethical standards commensurate with the Saudi society

Our goals

To ensure the selection and recruitment of manpower with high efficiency, while upgrading the services to suit the requirements of customers

1.Individuals sector

We recruit workers such as domestic workers, drivers, cooks, workers, many professions from different nationalities and countries authorized by the Ministry of Labor

2.Business sector

We provide recruitment services to the business sector according to the needs of this important sector, by providing the most skilled and efficient human cadres

3.Mediation sector

We provide intermediary services on behalf of clients and we carry out all necessary procedures for recruitment in accordance with the laws of the Ministry of Labor

  • Cooker
  • Agricultural worker
  • Driver
  • A builder
  • All
  • maid
A builder
Agricultural worker

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